About Hotpot tiffin


We are a home run unit however poses great potential to pick and deliver any veg. food order as mentioned in the menu card within the stipulated time line. We have a team of expert cooks supervised by Mrs.Seema Gupta who is termed here to be as the head chef.
Though she is not a diploma holder however she posses great interest in experimenting new dishes since her childhood as she belongs from a family of 3 elder brothers and a younger sister, she was always encouraged on her inventions since childhood which in the long run has now resulted her to be a nice and intelligent cook who now holds immense knowledge and expertise. Under her supervision we now know that whichever item is prepared not only has taste which could satisfy the taste buds however it should equally be healthy too. The food which is prepared at HotPot Tiffin goes through proper testing before it is packed for the delivery.
We make sure that the ingredients, the cooking oil which we use are of the best quality, the vegetables we pick from the market are fresh which not only adds to the flavour and pleasures the taste buds but also adds to a good health.


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